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  1. I reverted to driver version 442.74 and it solved my performance issues, all newer drivers for some reason completely mess up my performance.. maybe you can try that..
  2. Hello!, so recently I posted about my GPU (GALAX GTX 1060 6GB EXOC) running incredibly badly and people thought it might have degraded (which I found out is not possible : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44JqNJq-PC0) or needed driver re-installations but it turned out that for some reason it just didn't like the new drivers and going back to driver version 442.74 completely fixed almost all of my fps issues, so I was wondering what could be causing my GPU to run so badly with the latest drivers? I tried it on two separate installations of windows and in both cases it ran badly, I t
  3. The information you guys gave me was a little bit misleading, I thought my gpu died, but I installed some old driver and it's working perfectly normal again, so it wasn't a hardware issue after all.. anyone else having issues with those recent drivers?
  4. Yeah GPU usage is mostly fine, just performance sucks, by now I'm just kinda convinced that it's probably not something I can fix.. really sucks to have my SSD die and my gpu start degrading at the same time..
  5. I see, that's rather disappointing, my temps are mostly fine with a max of around 80c on my gpu and about the same on the CPU but that only happens under an artificial load, I have my power limit set to max, the performance drop was kind of sudden too so i'm not sure if it was due to slow degradation.. could that kind of thing happen suddenly where the performance degrades a whole lot at once? the PSU isn't that old so I mostly don't think its the issue since it was running the card just fine a while back, my country does have a lot of power cuts so I thought those might have done some damage
  6. Hello!, As the title suggests, I have a GALAX GTX 1060 6GB which was mostly working fine up until sometime last month, I don't really know why this is happening but suddenly I noticed my FPS is much worse than normal in most games, at first it started with csgo since that's the game I was mostly playing, now all games run somewhat worse than they used to, for example I get about 30 fps on assassin's creed origins which was hovering around 55-60+ before, I get around 60-150 fps (sometimes less, before I reset my windows I downloaded some optimizations from a video which helped a bit