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  1. I see, any way that you know of that I can check this? I'm not familiar with hwinfo but saw something similar on a toms hardware thread that popped up while looking for results of a similar issue that they used hwinfo to deduce Also, a common way for people to optimize their game is using process lasso / coreprio I believe, but that normally gets recommended for people that have lower core counts, not more, do you think trying to go down that path could produce better results, or would it just be a matter of working with what I've got
  2. Don't think so, I mean like I said when I raise the graphics settings up it can definitely tax the graphics card, and I'm hoping to get more consistent/ higher fps while on the lower settings since I've got stuff uncapped. Generally people are able to get upwards of 300(that have the hardware) consistently for the class warrior which is somewhat my goal, but even getting 250 consistently would be great as opposed to bouncing around with tons of unused resources
  3. Pretty much every form of vsync/gsync/nvidia settings have been disabled, but my usage of resources(cpu none of cores maxed out in task manager, overall usage only ~30%, gpu 20%, memory 40% overall) isn't getting much higher, and my frames are very jumpy, between 200-260(from afterburners' riva statistics tuner) Temps are ~65 for cpu and ~55 gpu avg Essentially, more fps = faster attack speed in Black Desert Online, and I'm trying to at least get full utilization out of my hardware, or at the very least, consistently the higher end of that frame range, since I don't expect a thousand