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  1. lol yeah during post my fans are on full blast >< I've only recently installed a commander pro so they're not 100% all the time. Thanks for your reply though, I may try to stick with it, it just doesn't sound healthy at all when it does it *screeeeeee* and then a grindy halt >< the odd click clacks I'm not bothered by, that's just a big fast hdd, but I'd hate for this to break out of return and warranty. Also concerning I can't really find examples of the same noise online. Oh and the grindy noise, game crash, shadowplay thing.
  2. Most of the details are in the reddit thread lol. This is the quietist these specific noises have been (right when i actually capture it go figure). I think any fault may have been caused by the courier dropping it over my fence, warranty isn't going to cover it. I have 8 days to return. Happens seemingly randomly and on boot (so I'm guessing when waking from idle). Performance wise it's running, passing tests from seatools and seemingly working, FOR NOW. I was getting an issue when I had shadowplay running (particularly the saving the last x minutes option), drive would make an a