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  1. Thank you for your time and help, it was really professional!
  2. I've bought my stuff locally, and I paid extra to increase the warranty of all my pc parts to 24 months, so it won't be an issue changing the two RAMs. I'll just need to walk into the store with the faulty RAM(s) and the invoice and the warranty paper and the store will change it for me, according to their stocks.
  3. ah, meanwhile, I've read that an usb or a cd/dvd is required as windows cannot run these tests. I'd like to approach this question from another angle: both of my rams are still covered by warranty, and I can change them without any additional cost. Would this be a feasible fix to my issues? Also, thank you for putting up with this
  4. I've quickly read through what to do with memtest, but unfortunately I do not have an usb stick. Is there a way to do it without a stick?
  5. I am sorry, I have uploaded them separately.
  6. Hello, I only posses user level knowledge, so I'd like to apologize for my amateurness in advance. Roughly 2 months ago my barely1 year old PC started acting up. I manually updated every driver and the OS. My Pc restarts 2-3 times / day with the following error messages: Page fault in nonpaged area, System thread not handled: ntfs.sys, Memory management, Faulty page. Moreover, several of my steam games crash frequently (6-7 times in a row) and ask me to verify the local files. Usually it takes 3-4 verifies to get a game up and running again. I don't know if I should mention it