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  1. I mean its all a business I'm not mad at the guy for turning a profit like I said its impressive. You seem triggered? Dont hate the player I hate the game in this instance Only wanted the name out so dude doesnt deserve to be harrased I respected everyones Hussle
  2. I mean its just a name not like his profile is there and its a public image if someones that extreme a reverse image search isnt that hard Edit: didnt even notice that was contact info whoops
  3. Figured as much would be a reaction thats why i didnt share the post done want people to harrass other people but i feel that frustration, just proves companies have a long way to go during launches like these because cryptos popularity will only rise within the next decade regardless of how bumpy that ride is
  4. No i was just shocked on the amount of cards one person can get and i cant get any. Impressive, and shitty all at the same time. Theres more pictures of tons more cards basically a mini retailer at that point just crazy. Thought id share