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  1. I've flashed my bios version month ago to latest version and I've changed my cmos cell as it was not working properly you are telling me to buy a new processor i was think to do that but csgo is very old game it should work without stutter it worked fine for 2 years so last hope is to switch to a newer processor
  2. The thing is when i had this stuttering problem i changed my OS and without installing any of my other stuff i installed the gpu driver and played the game and it was stuttering
  3. It's getting very confusing now i now I'm not a very expert but i guess I've closed everything while playing
  4. Yeah you can say that for the sag I've ordered the brace lets see what are the results after
  5. I did that already still happening should i change my os
  6. I'm getting annoyed by the stutters what can be the problem when i open the game csgo tbe character on the main screen stutters for a while to
  7. I guess the pci is good when i used a 1060 msi on it (vertically) it worked fine because its a two fan card and has lesser span i guess
  8. Try uninstalling the driver using DDU remember to uninstall driver for amd Nvidia intel for all and also run the program in safe mode and reinstall the new driver ( Download the WHQL driver only from AMD)
  9. Thank you so much for your time i just hope there is no problem with the hardware
  10. You are scaring me man I will try the brace what about the stutter and the synch thing that you said
  11. I've pointed the gpu sag because when i lay my pc down the lines, the blocks crashing of my game is gone that's why i though the sag might be the reason of crashing and the weird line etc. I will try the braces or will find a hack for it to be placed where it should be. The main problem us stuttering I've closed all the background apps like everything, the fps at the time of stutter is still normal like 350-400 or it might be affecting but its like minor so i didn't notice much and i dont know thr sync thing that you said as i have a 60hz monitor can that be a problem? I've used this monitor f
  12. Hello I'm facing this annoying stuttering problem and I'm tired of finding solutions for it i played most of my games on this same pc but now this annoying stutter problem has come, I like to mention that i can't place my pc vertically because of gpu sag maybe I'm not sure i tried screwing the card tightly but still no help when i place my pc vertically some annoying lines, sort of black blocks on the screen can be seen and game crashes when i lay down my pc everything is fine the game run smooth My Pc Specs are: Cpu: I5 6600k Motherboard: Maximum Viii hero RAM: Ripjaws 16