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  1. could i ask you a question i just overclocked my cpu to 4.3ghz 1.25v vcore and 1.1 other voltage and im getting 60c temps average at 100% is it good?
  2. this is what i got with 1.3v should i keep going i had a lot of bluescreens lol currently running TM5 For stability.
  3. what subtimings exactly should i get btw i have a choice between 3200mhz cl18 or 3600mhz cl20 what is better?
  4. it seems like my best oc with low latency is 3200mhz cl18 is it good?
  5. BTW its 1.30 am for me do you think i can just use prime95 somebody recommended it to me ill leave it on while i sleep if so.
  6. i put it in the red ones does it matter if its the red ones or the green ones btw?