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  1. Ok, but won't my parts bakes in that cases? What about mesh front? Is it better?
  2. Not in any order: LianLi Lancool 215 Mesh LianLi Mesh Fractal Meshify C or 2 BQ Pure Base 500DX Corsair 4000d Airflow or 5000d Airflow
  3. Budget (including currency): 400 PLN (~130CAD) Country: Poland Other details I have hope to put this topic in good place if not please move it. Hi, I am looking for a PC case up to PLN 400 (the cheaper the better ~130CAD). The casing will stand in the space under the desk, surrounded on 3 sides by "walls" (length of the niche is 65cm). Only the right side is visible. I prefer the switch from the top, preferably on the right. Rather ATX format (maybe my mobo can be replaced with something better). It will happen that I will take the computer with me around country.