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  1. Hi, I have a i7-9700k which cinebench runs all core turbo at 100% utilization of Every core at 4.6ghz. The max temperature it hits is 68 degrees. Is it safe for me to overclock it, and what should I overclock up to.
  2. I will probably sell it when I get the 3070
  3. It is not that this card will be permanent, I am just going to use it while I am on the Evga waiting list for a 3070. But for the time being this will be more than enough. There is a document showing where the queue is at, so I estimate at least 6 months since I placed my order recently. Queue Link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NrR71ipaJktCzT1pWj9FWxNHGWAbcxMorvRvEPaPh48/edit
  4. I managed to get my hands on an Evga Rtx 2060 super, new unopened, for 500 usd. I know that is like 50-100 dollars more than retail when it came out, but did I get a good deal when considering the climate as it is right now?
  5. I have a i7-9700k and testing it running for almost an hour at all core turbo 4.6ghz running assorted tests (cinebench, etc) the hottest temperature I saw was 68 degrees. Is that a good temp, and should I try over clocking it.