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  1. I can find alternatives to the parts that don't have prices listed, but as it stands I can look into the parts some more since I have about a month before I get the parts and build the PC, just posting on forums to get tips on building it.
  2. Point made. But I'll be getting the PC as a birthday gift so I'm trying to get the best out of the budget since I won't be able to get the money to buy a GPU anytime afterwards.
  3. Will take note on the motherboard change, but relying solely on the igpu on the 11600k will cut on it's performance a bit don't you think? I'm not really sure how an 11600k performs but I'll look into it, thank you!
  4. Budget (including currency): 4500 AED Country: UAE, Middle East Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Valorant, League, Rainbow Six Siege, Kingdom Hearts 3. Adobe AE, Sony Vegas as well as streaming on the side. Other details: No existing parts as this is my first time building a PC, I own peripherals that are ready for use as well as a 144hz monitor which I do hope to be running at that refresh rate. I'll be upgrading from a Dell gaming laptop that I bought back in 2016, not sure what the model is. The setup I've put in the PC part picker list is currently ove