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  1. The case is SilentiumPC Gladius M35 Pure Black. 3 fans, one at the front, one at the back. Both blowing inward. 3rd fan is on the CPU radiator blowing onto it. I was wondering whether an external USB sound card or a ground loop isolator would help with atleast the crackling noise as the hissing I really don't care about. It's not as loud and if I'm gaming (that's when the issue rises up, when I listen to music or watch something on Netflix, no crackling, no hissing. Might also wanna add that whenever I tab out of the game onto the desktop screen, both sounds stop until i tab back in. Lowe
  2. The audio cable doesnt make any tight corners nor does it rub against the case. I've done as you asked, the hissing did come back after covering up the air gaps with tape in the same pitch. Crackling inside the headset was also back but much quieter, almost impossible to hear if I focused on the game's audio.
  3. As of a few months ago I started experiencing this cracking sound in my headset (Hyperx cloud alpha to whom it may concern). Didn't think much of it as it was fairly quiet and it would disappear for days and weeks, only to appear for like 10 seconds and be gone again for some time. Around a week ago the situation changed, the crackling is appearing more and more while I'm in a game (be it CSGO or F1 2020) and it's absolutely unbearable. It has also now started to hiss inside the PC case (which wasn't a thing before) I'm quite clueless on these matters, I've seen it could be th