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  1. I appreciate any help I can get as I feel I have exhausted everything and it is above my knowledge level at this time. I have tried everything you have mentioned and had no luck and it is mouse or keyboard as soon as the MOBO received a signal it goes in to a continual clicking and will not power back on until CMOS is cleared. That leads me to believe that it is a BIOS issue because the only setting changed is the wake on setting, but it could be a conflicting BIOS setting I am not aware of too???
  2. I only RMA'd because MSI said to... what a pain! I initially tried the default setting but it would not wake via mouse. MSI had me change Wake on setting to Resume by USB Device. I have spent countless hours on this and tried all settings I can think of to try and make this work. I try these setting every time there is a BIOS update as that is the only thing I can think it to be at this point in time. At this point I figured I would start reaching out to experts that may be able to help.
  3. At this point in time I have RMA'd the Power supply, used different RAM, and used a brand new M.2 with a fresh windows install. As I also stated I took it down to the essential components of just the MOBO, CPU, M.2 (brand new/fresh install), RAM (all configurations). I think it to be a BIOS setting or a Windows Group Policy setting I am not familiar with?
  4. I recently built a new Windows 10 PC with an i7-10700k and MSI Z490i 490i Unify ITX board. Everything booted just fine and was running great until I made a change in the BIOS to allow wake on USB. After making this change my computer would go to sleep and when I clicked on the mouse it wouldn't wake and would just click multiple times. I cleared CMOS and was able to boot the PC immediately afterwards. So far to date I have done the following: Contacted MSI several times with no resolution and 4 different RMA's Tested the PSU using a paper clip as suggested by Corsair,