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  1. So what I get is I should try to update the Cpu first and see how it goes, Ok seems feasible and I can try to go this route, I will check for 6 or 7th gen cpu or maybe even buy a new MB with a new processor in case there is no 6-7th gen available. Thank you for feedback and support
  2. Hello All, Current setup MB: GB H110M-S2PT CPU: i3-6100 GPU: GTX1050 2GB I play 1080p not very demanding titles, the 1050 was fine till I began playing ARK survival evolved and I need to dec res to 768 and even then have lag and freezes. I found a used 1070 Ti for around 550$ USD, this is quite high IMO, but with regard to current market state and that the shortage is not expected to be resolved till 22-23, I think I would prefer to buy this now and eat the extra cost then to wait 1-1.5 year as I could need to upgrade by then again anyhow.