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  1. The BIOS lets me customize the curve quite a bit. In PWM it can go to 20%, and in DC mode, it can turn off or go to 60% minimum. I set them at DC in BIOS, and it lets me go down to about 18% in Argus (below that the fans just stop spinning), but even at around 30% in Argus they are quieter than PWM at 20%, don't know why this is. Okay, then this should be OK, it reaches 100% at 75-80% in the default curves in BIOS. Thank you!
  2. Oh, geez, you're right, it actually makes some noise. Is there any danger in lowering it's speed? I'm trying with lower speeds today, rather than turning them completely off. It definitely lets me go lower than in BIOS, at 26% (moreless) it's quiet enough for most recordings, i reckon. It has gotten to the point where my power conditioner is louder than my PC :DD I do record for a few hours, sometimes, yesterday my CPU got over 60°C on a small project. Would this profile be enough for keeping it lower? Thank you, and good morning!
  3. Thank you for your responses and support! I'll give give those chassis a check, and maybe upgrade in the long term, for now I can't find them where I live (not in the US). But they really seem like good options, thank you so much! I tried that with my BIOS settings, but the lowest speed that it allows me isn't enough for recording, especially with more sensible mics. I wanted to share that, today I found software that lets me do what I wanted: switch between different fan profiles without the need to go in the BIOS. The name is Argus Monitor, and I think it's
  4. Hello, everybody! I'm new to the PC world (to this forum too), and built my first one a couple weeks ago, it has been really awesome! I work as a music teacher, but I also record a lot, so my build had to be super quiet, and it really is [MISSION ACCOMPLISHED]. However, I was wondering if you could help me out; the only way I've been able to get my computer to a recording-level of quiet, is with the case fans turned off (I set them in my BIOS to off up to 50°-60° celsius on the CPU), but I don't think it is a good option to keep them off all the time, is there any way to have a cou