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  1. I have an SSD with just Windows 10 installed. I have another drive which is for video games, apps and other files. Will consider that, thank you.
  2. I only reinstalled my Windows and kept my hard drive with important files, could it be because of that? I had an RX 580 8 GB GPU that was working completely fine with no hardware or driver issues at all, but I was seeking a better upgrade for more frames. I can't test with a higher quality PSU, unfortunately.
  3. i reinstalled my Windows back in October when the issues began, but they came back. My PSU is Cougar XTC 750
  4. I haven't but I've used Radeon software's clean install option, which acts the same way AFAIK. Will do, if it's any different.
  5. To clarify, my GPU never overheated and it barely gets to 80 degrees on a heavy load.
  6. Hey guys, I'm still struggling with an RX 5700 XT I bought back in October (was brand new, not used) and the issues would vary based on the port the GPU's connected to. I tried to RMA it but I couldn't get a new model from the store because of policies and instead they sent it to the manufacturers, ASROCK, who assured them that the GPU was "fine" (that's not the case). I bought a new PC case (because they assumed it had to do something with the air flow) and a much powerful PSU (750 Watts) and the issues still exist. - When connected to the DP port, it had random artifacts and black