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  1. He @xdXot1c I did ask on a german forum, And they said i should try to remove 1 ram stick and that could be the reason... So, it was the reason and now my system is working , but only 256MB RAM that hates WinXP on my pc But hey, thanks for tge solution If ram removal wouldnt work I would vuy a new Pentium IV 2.00GHz
  2. Next job for me; Search and buy A Pnentium 4 cpu Lets hope it goes not wrong then
  3. Oh no But better than PSU died But thanks for the tip PSU becaue every cable goes in one cord into psu
  4. Yes and intel inside Even dust inside tm Inow check the cables inside and model of psu
  5. And its a oem pc Has every power cable in one cord that goes inside of psu
  6. A athlon 200GE? better directly aryzen 3 3100 or 3300
  7. Yes i checked i plugged in everyrhing right way. even did plug out the cd drive and nothing better tham 5secs fan on , then 10 secs pc turns off and then on without output
  8. My old pc is not turning on riggt It turns on 5 sec, shutdown 10 secs later fans go on, But no output No input via keyboard to bios is possible Specs Pentium 4 512MB PCRAM Intel integrated (non AGP/PCI slot Graphics (works fine) HDD: 40Gb seagate barracuda PC is a IBM NetVista with win xp Video output is VGA Turns itself out again every time The video is the proof No signal I tried other cables not working, other input device via vga working Just help Thats my pc that i use 20210507_171159.mp4
  9. Why an 10400F? If your friend had a 10400 (no F), You could try iGP Graphics Try to install latest drivers and say what happened
  10. The Big Update 2020 got only issues with Audio Devices/Drivers. I dont know any GPU issues
  11. Did you try to update Windows or use HWINFO64?
  12. Say which games please becuase If you only play minecraft, you could vuy a pc of ~250€ Thats essential for asking of pc builds!
  13. Used ones are cheaper, mames sense lol
  14. i think australia becuase he or shesaid AUS which is australian dollars if im right