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  1. This is amazing help. Honestly, you have made me feel much more comfortable about the whole process. I think all I have to do now is do it!! Thank you so much for the help. Linus and MKBHD make some of the items they have or build with seem like no big deal when they show them. This it makes me assume they are cheap!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the advice. I believe I know the direction I need to go more so now with the hardware. I am interested still in what OS I should aim to use and what to use for the various tasks I want to accomplish through the rig. Also, I still do not have much direction on what to look for in a chassis and server rack. I want a small one similar to the size of MKBHD's rack that Linus gave him when building his studio a server. Should I just seek to find that rack or are their more considerations to have? I simply have no server perspective so I do not have any idea of the intricacies of
  3. That is exactly what I imagine the server being able to do. I would like to be able to run parsec or something similar for when I am not on the same network as well. Power consumption wise, I am okay with a few hundred a year. I feel that should be a great goal.
  4. First off, thank you for your speedy and pleasant replies. As for the this set of questions: My budget is around 1,500. I am unsure how expensive I should be ball parking, but as far as video decoding goes I won't need a GPU for the rig as I will be putting my old 2080ti once I upgrade my main rig. As far as power consumption I have little to no idea what's should expect. I am currently okay with the average as most of the time I expect the server to be used as a "Google Drive" machine and every now and then stream a game or movie. I would like to branch into the rack form
  5. Hello, I am aiming to begin on a journey through the world of servers. I want to build a server that is capable of the following: VPN, Cloud Storage (Similar to google drive), Plex streaming, Steam link/Cloud gaming, Cloud Computing, Smart Home Automation, and other basic NAS functionalities. I do have a decent amount of computer knowledge so I can afford some degree of high level verbiage about computers. I want the server to be iterative. Meaning, I do not need the all the functionalities of the server to be present at the end of the build. I would like the hardware to be capable