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  1. The GPU and cables don't seem to be coming into any sort of physical contact with the side panel when its installed. What's even weirder is that if I try to power on the computer with the side panel installed it actually boots normally, but when I try to install/uninstall the side panel the GPU shuts off again.
  2. Just tried installing the side panel with the front panel connections removed... still shuts down when the side panel is installed. The panel itself is steel like the case so I guess something is grounding out, I tried placing the exposed side of my PC against a wall to block the airflow in an attempt to see if the issue was caused by overheating, but it still worked
  3. Hey everybody, I recently swapped my case for an older Dell case as I wanted to convert my build into a sleeper PC. Everything seems to work fine except for the fact that when I attempt to install the side panel the monitor goes black and the GPU fans start running at full speed. If I leave the side panel off the case I can use my PC without problems, but as soon as I install it the GPU shuts off. I guess what I'm wondering is, What do you think could be causing this issue? Is it possible that this issue could be caused due to the GPU shorting out against the case, and when the sid