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  1. I watched couple videos where they recommend the P14 over F14 as all-around, are they right?
  2. Thanks! arctic p14 vs f14, what is the difference? which should I get if I have no radiator?
  3. Does it matter if I get different brand fans for top,rear, front? For example front arctic and rear, top noctua?
  4. Can you recommend RGB fan that has low noise and good performance (comparable with noctuas)? I was about to get noctua and some RGB frames for it but that would cost pretty good money (like whole ryzen 2600).
  5. My current case (Corsair 275R) has these available slots for fans: Front: 2 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm Rear: 1 x 120mm Top: 1 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm Which variation would be the best? I'm thinking about going top all 140mm, front all 140mm and rear 120mm because only this size is available. Is it ok? Will it produce less noise and better cooling than having 3x at front and top? If this variation is OK I have next question - does it matter what company/brand the 120mm rear exhaust will be?
  6. I was looking to find something that has RGB and performance on noctua level, but couldn't, I wonder if there is, the price will be very high probably.
  7. I would dare to say that there's many different fans that are available to me, so you can try to recommend and I'll check it out, well not going to far away from current topic - by your opinion P12 is winning right now, let's see what other people have to say. Thanks
  8. Thanks! I'll wait for more opinions from other members. Besides those two, do you know or is there other fans that would be even better choice than those two in terms of price and performance? Looking at 120mm.
  9. Hi! I really need help on making final decision and opinion from this community members. The main reason why I can't make decision between those two (noctua nf-s12b vs arctic p12) is price, here where I live one arctic p12 costs 6 euros and one noctua nf-s12b 14 euros. I'll need 5 fans which translates to 30 euros vs 70 euros. The price gap is pretty big - 40 euros. So my main question: is the difference between them worth the additional +40euros (speaking about noise and cooling and overall "quality") ? One more thing: I don't mind to pay 40 euro more if it's really worth it, I do