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  1. I'm not be able to test it to other cords and stuff due to insufficient money, but I guess I'll try to borrow to my friend any display cables for monitor. I'll check this again if it works or not. Any other tips will be highly appreciated. Btw, I'm sorry for using capital letters on my statement. Thank you for answering.
  2. Hello guys I have a little bit of a problem in my monitor, it started to show green dots on my entire monitor and it is flickering so it is so annoying to see while I'm gaming. I tried to reconnect the cables from dvi to hdmi and power source of my monitor. After that, it still showing until now. Also, I tried to uninstall and update my drivers. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. Can someone help me about my problem? Thank you in advance The video attached for reference. video-1618833010.mp4