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  1. Yosemite and el capitan from apple This page - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211683 Snow leopard and leopard from torrent. I dont know where else to find these two.
  2. When i insert usb with snow leopard or leopard i get kernel panocs after i click to boot feom usb drive after holding alt key. Like 30-40 seconds after clixking to boot from usb i am greeted with power off message. I am using transmac if that matters.
  3. So update is that i am getting kernel panics with snow leooard and leooard too. I am trying agan to see if Yosemite will show up. Do i need to format ssd maybe? Mac had el capitan installed when hdd died. Dont know if that matters.
  4. It has old windows 10 instalation. Do you think i need to format it. I only have windows machine.
  5. No access to amc anywhere around me. I have just tried snow leopard and shows usb when booting but with it I sm getting kernel panics. When i unplug it i dont get them. Hard drive died in and i swapped with ssd. Will try leopard now to see if it will come up.
  6. Will give it a try, report back. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Hi team, new guy here. Lookin for help with usb bootable drive. I have iMac 24 C2D 8800GS i am trying to reinstall mac os. Only have windows machine to create bootable drive. I have tried these below to create drive Diskpart-transmac Transmac only Etcher UUbyte Tried El Capitan and Yosemite Crearing drive on windows will finish with no issue, but when i insert in the usb port in mac and trying to boot from it usb drive is not present Holding alt key only brings hard drive but no usb part.