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    That dumpster city on Blade Runner 2049.
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    Archery. Running. History. Music. Writing. Video games. Movies and TV shows.
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    IHSS caregiver with focus on children with special needs/College student.


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  1. Personally the iPad air 4 is helping me a lot with college. I take notes faster with the apple pencil and edit my papers easier. I do agree it all depends on the work you are doing—but If you go for the iPad tho, I highly recommend getting an additional keyboard. I don’t have one, but I feel it would make it way easier because I’m always writing.
  2. ... No disrespect man, but $1300 for a ps5? I mean, is it made of gold? It can cook? It does taxes? Because otherwise I’m not sure it was the best deal.
  3. Just wanted to let you know that the file won’t open. Idk if it’s just my phone tho
  4. Just personally speaking here. Not an expert in the topic. I got the iPad Air 4 last year because I really wanted to draw digital, and so far I still don’t regret it. I also think the apple pencil design has improved a lot since the first model. The first gen’s charging feature always made me feel like it was going to break if you weren’t careful lol
  5. I think it’s because outside the big names, there was not much variety compared to other consoles in the market, so naturally it will drive clients away. Nintendo sometimes goes from one extreme to another. They either focuses on investing in their consoles, and sometimes they just don’t. I think WW should really go to the Switch. I understand about the whole thing on the SW HD but perhaps since I’m biased, I think if they included at least WW as in duo collection, the reaction would have been better. I mean, I can still play it anyway in my Wii U, but this console is even more
  6. Give me some minutes. I’m not good at thinking under pressure.
  7. Oh ofc, but with better graphs I always thought the game would look so cool in a TV screen.
  8. Lol No, no. You are right on getting the warranty—and buying from store, since I’m still new at this; It will also be my first time traveling there and something might happen when hiking and stuff. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for the gear recommendation. It worried me I would have to carry a lot with it, since once I saw an acquaintance’s equipment. We were just going to walk around the city, not doing much, and still she had to carry a big case with the accessories and gear. If I’m traveling there I’ll be moving nearly every day, so lighter options are appreciated lol
  9. I’m going to be honest, to this day, I’m still so mad they didn’t make Majora’s Mask for the Wii U. Such a wasted potential.
  10. I definitely agree on the switch supposing to be portable. When I got my first switch I was excited I could finally play with a friend outside—then I discovered that the switch was all but portable. Got a good case for it and still it didn’t feel portable because it needed a lot of space. Sometimes I would just pack it with a book and a bottle in my bag and it didn’t feel as good. Then if you are actually playing outside you would need the most of the brightness and perhaps sound, bye bye battery then. I was quite surprised when I discovered it didn’t reall