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  1. You released a lot of stress, thanks so much for helping me!
  2. So it actually is normal to have this happen? Even if temps are just going up and down from 37c to 45c in idle while cpu clocks are jumping? Only asking since the clocks don't reduce in idle, they still jump all over the place. Sorry if being a bother, I'm just a big worrier.
  3. My Ryzen 7 3700x is idling and all cores are jumping from 3518Mhz to 4366Mhz and it's all just random, temps also fluctuates up and down causing the fans to ramp up. When under load in games though, all cores will stabilize to 4.3Mhz and the ramping of the fans will stop and be more consistent. Is there any way for me to just set my clock speed to 3518Mhz on desktop and just doing general things and have 4366Mhz only while gaming? Core performance boost and Performance Boost Overdrive are both set to auto in the BIOS, while AMD Cool N Quiet is enabled. Even if I can't fix this issue, is this s
  4. So I have a Ryzen 7 3700x that in idle or using chrome, etc.. uses 3518MHz and usually bumps it up in the 4000's when playing games and staying in the 3000's when not under load. Ever since the recent windows update it has stopped boosting the clock speed when going into games, any idea why this would happen ? Could this affect any of my other components of my pc or performance ? (Already tried messing around in power plan settings to see if anything were wrong)