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  1. May I know your country pls so we can give you the list according to your location and availablity.
  2. Upgarde motherboard to b550 or x570 and get some better wheel like Logitech g29, and what wattage does your psu give ?
  3. 500watt will be enough if you are going for graphics card in future then 550 or 600 watt will do(get a 80 plus bronze psu) and go with 11400 and b560 as it is budget build.
  4. Ryzen 3 3200g supports upto 2933 mhz ram so I suggest 2666 mhz
  5. For any further problems feel free to ask
  6. You can go for Amd ryzen 3 3200g (with stock cooler) AsRock b450 motherboard 8gb (2x4) ddr4 2666 mhz ram Any m ATX case Crosair 450 watt psu There is no GPU in this list because the current GPU market price is way more than expectations and the cpu have igpu which can run the games from low to mid. And for windows is you can get a copy of it from any windows pc.
  7. No need of thermal compound as now it comes with pre applied thermal paste on stock and any cooler.
  8. 2tb of hhd is okay but don't go for other hhd rather get an SSD of 500gb or 1tb
  9. And also forgot to tell that amd GPUs work well better with amd rather than intel , with amd's app you can configure to work amd CPUs and GPUs to work at there best possible limits. Helps to improve gaming
  10. If it comes to overclocking then intel CPUs are best and for igpu amd is best so since you already have GPU so go for intel
  11. It will support you need to know that how much wattage does your motherboard will give to cooler and plug it in sys cooler
  12. A520 motherboard , just don't use it better get a b450 motherboard as it gives futher compatibility options with other ryzen CPUs and if you are not going to get more ram in future it's okay to go with single 8gb ram and case is not good .