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  1. does the 980 sound like a good choice or will that be a bottleneck with the cpu? also thanks!
  2. Yesterday on the side of the road in Brooklyn I found an old dell optiplex 3020 in working condition for free on the side of the road. The optiplex has 8gb of ddr3 ram, a 1tb 7200rpm hdd, and an i5 4570. I already got some new thermal paste off amazon, as well as a 128gb boot seta ssd. As for the graphics card i was thinking about getting a used gtx 970/980 for about 250$ along with a 500w power supply (I’m under the impression that it could take up to a year or 2 for the graphics market to stabilize and i need something in the meantime and i can’t spend more than a few hundred bucks). I would