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  1. holy shit I think I saw your work on PCPartPicker. You built that Chīsai build right? IF so thats the build i'm basing this build off of. Small world!
  2. Hey man thanks for the response. I do have some experience with water cooling just not on any of my systems ( I built a soft line work station for my friend). I hear what you are saying about the rads and I know it is more than enough. I might now just do the two 360's (for symmetry's sake) and fill the top two rows with 4 fans each for air flow. I would WC the cpu but my friend got me a pro siphon elite as a present and I think that will be sufficient for a R9 5950x. And just so you know 90% of the components are already mine from past builds or things I would buy anyways. The only real cost
  3. Hello again! This is only my second post so im still fairly new to this. I am planning a build in lian li's dk-05 desk/case. I want to know if there would be any problems running multiple rads for just one gpu. I want to to a hell of a lot of oc's on the card but I don't know much about custom water cooling. I would be running two 360 rads and two 480 rads. The GPU in question is the liquid devil 6900xt ultimate. the only reason I am thinking about this is for aesthetics.
  4. Mostly video rendering/editing and music production. I also plan on doing some light gaming (like a 2 hour session once or twice a week)
  5. Hello All! I am posting about my new work station i am about to build. I am starting to order my parts and this is going to be my first custom water cooled system. I have worked with aios before and everything but i am fairly new to the overclocking and water cooling game. In my plan I have two 360mm rads at ekwb’s medium thickness and I know it’s enough to cool my system but I want to know if it will be a good enough solution for overclocking my TR 3970x and rx6900 xt liquid devil ultimate.