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  1. I have managed to fix the issue. A BIOS re-flash with the newest version helped. Weird IMO that this was BIOS' fault but after the flash all the issues went away.
  2. I cleaned the CPU, applied new thermal paste and installed again. The same issue happens. I thinks it's the motherboard, anyone has other ideas? Is there a way to confirm that the mobo is at fault?
  3. I have tested the PC with another GPU and I happened again, but it was running longer than with the previous GPU. I am running out of ideas. I will take off the CPU to see if something is wrong there.
  4. I tried with different PSU and it was going good in the beginning, the PC was on for about 2 hours but then the same thing happened. Tomorrow I will have a borrowed GPU to test this more. I have not taken out the CPU yet as there was no indication that it might be overheating. The CPU temp monitor was showing temps below 50 C. At this point it's either GPU, motherboard or CPU.
  5. I tried with Linux Mint and the same issue happened. Screen went black and the fans keep spinning. I guess it points to either PSU, graphics card or the motherboard. I can swap the PSU with a used one tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to swap the GPU as well.
  6. 1.I have already run the MemTest86 and memory passed it. 2. I do not use XMP. 3. I haven't tired that yet. I will try now and update the result.
  7. I checked the event log and there is a warning a second before the screen went black. It says: source DistributedCOM, id 10016. This happened 3 times at once. It mentions SecurityAppBroker, WscBrokerManager and WscDataProtection. It also happens when in clean boot mode. There is also a critical error Kernel-Power 41 (63) but this one happens when I switch the power of on the PSU. Sorry don't provide a screenshot, PC turns off now minutes after system starts and on top of that my system is not in English so it would be hard to understand the error description.
  8. Hi all, I have recently built a PC and it keeps randomly crashing from few seconds after windows login screen to even hours after working in Windows. There is no blue screen, the monitor goes black, PC loses HDMI signal and the fans are still spinning. When in BIOS this does not happen, only when in the system. Holding down power button does not turn it off, I have to cut the power in the PSU to turn it off. My specs: Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 Ryzen 3 3100 Kingston DDR5 HyperX 2x4GB 2666MHz Samsung 860 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD Kingston A400 480GB SSD