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  1. I assume then that the BitFenix one is perfect for my PC.
  2. 4 RAM, at least 3/4 rear USBs, ethernet (doesnt need to be 2.5gb but ya might be) no on board wifi, i use cable
  3. Hi I need PSU Suggestions for 3070/10400F, I right now have a BitFenix 650W Gold Cert please tell me if it's good or i should change it
  4. I was thinking about using a ASRock B560 4 Plus, but I heard that it isn't good. Any opinions/suggestions?
  5. Hi, I need opinions on pairing a B560 ASrock Pro 4 motherboard with 10600KF
  6. Yeahh i found a deal for just 800 last stock probably luck
  7. The CPU is going to be an I5 - 10600KF probably
  8. Hi I am planning to build a PC, i already ordered a 3070, but i don't know what power supply i should use. I wanted to use an EVGA 700W bronze but people said it's like a bbq. I don't want to spend more than 70 bucks on a power supply as i am on a budget. Please give me your opinions!
  9. Model:DUAL-RTX3070-O8G Guys please give me your opinions, should i cancel it or keep it? I found it randomly, it was the last stock.