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  1. 1) I tried didn't fix. 2) Done still a problem. 3) AMD 5900x doesn't have integrated graphics unless that's not what you are talking about
  2. My Windows version says its 21H1 without any updates available. Nvidia Drivers are currently on 466.11 and I don't know how to check AMD drivers. Also Monitor is indeed on WDDM 2.7.
  3. So I will try and give as much details as possible, if any further info is needed I will try and provide it but I am just lost at this point. I got my new pc about a week ago with the following specs: MSI mag b550 tomahawk AMD 5900x, RTX 3080, , 32gb 3600mh ram, 2tb Samsung 970 Evo SSD Corsair h115i RGB Platinum NZXT h510 elite Windows 10 2 x AOC q27g2u/bk monitors I have ran into multiple issues so far which I have fixed myself as the customer support from the pc building company barely helped with anything. The only main issue that remains is this: When I'm playing a game (GTAV