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  1. I have an i5 2500k and this CPU has an Intel HD but I haven’t installed Windows. On the other tested PC was Windows
  2. Hello, I bought an used GTX 660ti in the Asus design on eBay and when I install the graphics card into my PC, my PC won't go on. I've already tested the card on another PC and there was the same problem. I have a sufficient power supply and the LEDs on the graphics card are also lit green. The PC went again when I expanded the graphics card. Any ideas I could do or what it might be because of? I hate to send the graphics card back.
  3. I bought an Asus GTX 660TI because I want to upgrade an old desktop office PC with it. The computer's power supply is an LC-Power LC 420-12 420w and unfortunately does not have an PCI Connector. However, the graphics card requires 2x6 pin. My question is, can I use 2 SATA to 6 pin adapters to operate the graphics card? By the way, the graphics card has a TDP of 150w.