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  1. I think I found the problem. I was messing with the settings and decided to disable V-Sync and I've haven't crashed so I believe it is an issue with V-Sync and Radeon Software.
  2. I just recently upgraded to a 6800xt Asus and I've noticed that when I play a match of Hunt Showdown my whole pc just shuts off and turns back on. I'd say its a coinflip if I'm able to go through the whole match without my whole pc restarting. I also had a 1070 TI previously and followed the steps to uninstalling the drivers completely (DDU) and I even uninstalled AMD and reinstalled drivers. When I had my 1070ti my whole PC worked just fine through the 2 years. When my whole PC crashes I made sure my CPU or my GPU wasn't overheating, temps were 40-50 C. Also I would leave my PC on to mine whi