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  1. I can get a 3080 max q laptop as I said. I can wait a few weeks, a month maybe, I was actually gonna buy one last week but the price of the 3080 max q went up 100 bucks then I kinda got annoyed and started looking around some more. I could wait forever technically. It's not like I dont have a good laptop and a good tower. In fact I have another laptop from way back by ASUS that I'm sure still works fine it's just like 13 years old and was a fairly good laptop back then but not made for gaming. Also plenty of old parts lying around that I haven't completely fried yet. What would be ideal is a 1
  2. After reviewing price to performance I've settled on $2,600-$2,700 USD. I'd prefer to spend less. I can get the Tiamat with a discount if I use a wire transfer to avoid card fees imposed on the company. Bringing it down to $2,520 including thermal compound and pad upgrades. I know people who have paid that for a prebuilt tower with 3060 card, 512gb ssd and 16 gigs ram. I know they got ripped off. Even in this market.
  3. Yes. And yes I can upgrade later but I'd rather not have to. Most of my equipment at this point is 4 to 9 years old. My tower has a 7970 in it, which is a unicorn in a way since it can still play most new games on medium to high settings at over 50fps. 12 gigs of ram in 6 2 gig sticks should have it doing just fine for a few more years even lol. But not building a new tower in this market. Rather have a laptop with more mobility but also more power than I may need immediately so when I want to start new projects or get new games I wont have to worry about upgrading for at least a
  4. I've looked around a fair bit. From what I've seen the Tiamat is a pretty good price considering build quality and component quality across the board, unless you have a suggestion? I was shopping between 1200 and 2700 dollars initially, but I'd prefer to spend the extra since I require at least 2tb storage and while 16 gigs ram would be okay I like the idea of 32 gigs for playing large open world games as they come out in the future. 2080 super or 3070 max-p are the minimum I've settled on. Screen refresh rates in gaming laptops doesn't seem to be an issue since any new high end ones come with
  5. MSI Dragon Tiamat 3070 edition or a sager p70ds I think it is(Modified with better thermal paste and professional application, I am aware of their reputation for poorly applied thermal paste.). My current laptop is an msi gf75 something or other with a gtx1060, which has reached it's limits, but can still play Cyberpunk 2077 fairly well. Max-p 3070 in title* autocorrect messed it up once again I am also aware that the bios can potentially be flashed to allow higher tdp possibly stable up to 165 or more watts for the 3080 but I've never messed with a max q tdp limited chip before.
  6. So I'm on the fence for getting a gaming laptop with either a max-q rtx3080 at 105watts or a max-p rtx3070 at 140watts. Benchmarks I've seen show that the 3080 performs 5 to 15 percent better give or take frame rate wise in more games, but in some games the 3070 potentially outperforms the 3080. We are also talking 8 gig vram 3070 vs 16 gig vram 3080, which makes me think of future proof value. Anyone have experience with this? Or advice? All other specs are roughly the same between laptops I'm considering. Including price, which is not the issue.