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  1. Thanks for replying Wouldn't I need a BIOS update? Also, how can one tell if a motherboard does need a bios update for Ryzen processors? I can't find the CM MasterBox MBX520 in the market Any other case you might suggest?
  2. Hey LLT community, I'm really looking forward in seeking your help in getting a new PC for programming. Budget (including currency): 60,000 INR (~800 USD) Country: Chennai, India Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 99% programming (Django, Flask, blah, blah) using text editors(VS Code), and the only game I probably play is Stardew Valley (Great game, sole developer, grinding RPG but the fun kind, it ran off of my integrated graphics). Other details (Current PC) and Backstory: Gigabyte K83 Red Switches (just love them), Logitech G302 m