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  1. I suppose so, seeing as it's already on an open source system, and as far as I know, most open source systems allow other ones to be installed in their place. I do recommend saving all your data (obviously), because if it fails, you could end up with a completely blank device, no system or anything, and installing a new system in place of the old one will remove the old one anyway, as you probably already know. Assuming said tablet has CD/USB ports, the process should be fairly straightforward, provided you have access to the BIOS so you can boot from whichever input you are using. If you can
  2. Being incredibly cautious, I wouldn't trust a used PC for sale online to be as good as it claims to be, so I'd recommend just installing Linux on an old desktop. 4GB of RAM and a 2.4GHz processor runs pretty much everything smoothly, and Zorin OS (a Linux distro) actually has quite a few apps for sale, including Skype. Otherwise, get a cheap HP. They're excellent computers, and they can handle pretty much anything you throw at them. I'm using an old ProDesk running Zorin for this, it has 3.2GHz, and runs great, despite its age.
  3. If it has built in WiFi (My RPi 2 models don't), it should be good enough, but otherwise, any old laptop or desktop runs well on a Linux distro, Zorin OS has quite a few apps. If, however, you end up buying a new PC, I suggest you avoid the Surface models. They're way slower than they claim to be (the SP6 is not even 2GHz), poor build quality, and have WiFi crashes at least every ten minutes. A HP is probably the best bet for a new computer. In short, RPi 4 will run most functions well (except full Windows 10, but it's too expensive to buy anyway), as long as the WiFi adaptor is built-in, be
  4. Thanks, this is very helpful. I've heard of Clevo before and will look into it.
  5. Ever since I got into tech, I wondered if it would be possible to make a custom laptop from scratch. One of my friends said yes, with the right parts it would be possible. But when I looked online, I couldn't see a single dedicated laptop motherboard for sale, excluding ones people took out of their old devices. Why is it that laptop components aren't produced and sold like their desktop counterparts?