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  1. It was found on the original product site from the period on the Internet Archive. If anyone needs it, let me know.
  2. I went that route and tried installing what i found but those drivers weren't compatible sadly.
  3. I recently continued work on my retro windows 98 build and decided I wanted to have multiple screens. With some searching I dug out a Colorgraphics Predator Pro 2. Through exhaustive search I've been able to find zero Drivers for it. Help Please? Mabye somebody has a driver laying around somewhere or knows where to find one? Any help would be a godsend!! http://www.digivision.it/docs/pp2.htm <<----- This is the card I'm working with.
  4. Why dont we just get some people together with some bots and do as the scalpers do but undercut the scalpers? Force them out of their own game. Buy up the stock ourselves and sell at close to msrp?