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  1. just now i did the same you mentioned and after restart system enters into bios
  2. hello experts what is the best remote access software to access my pc out of the network from my macbook, i have 3 desktop pc attach to network in my office, if for some reason i need any file or video or copy some project then only way i have is through teamviewer (free version) any other free or open source (secure) option ?
  3. Hello Experts is there any way to turn on and shutdown my FREENASS remotely from my ios device? because i am out of office sometimes and for some reason i need to turn off the server so for that i have to keep my pc and so i can access through teamviewer open browser and then turn off FREENASS server but no way to turn on unless i am physically available any solution?
  4. i unplug the usb and restart it goes to bios setup (without pressing any key)
  5. PS: if i disable usb in boot menu and keep SSD one first boot only then it restart and enters to bios every time
  6. really, i was just in bhphotovideo and it shows 16 core
  7. i am trying to install windows 10 from bootable usb drive to my pc an dafter completing windows setup pc restarts and start setup again, i try to restart and same thing i try to make first boot SSD and second USB same thing
  8. Thank you so you thick this build will be good enough for after effect and cinema 4d renders?
  9. Hello There i am attaching the screenshot of my current build (i want to upgrade this pc because sometimes it struggle in after effect projects and octane rendering) help me out
  10. Budget (including currency): 10000 Country: Bahrain Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Video Editing, Coloring, Motion Graphics, VFX, (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, After Effect and Cinema 4D)