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  1. The other thing I noticed is that it's only outputting 8bpc for some reason. Idk, I just feel like actual pc monitors also have an easier time with hdr
  2. My issue: Was playing Re: Village and the hdr was initially looking absolutely beautiful with Ray tracing and other setting cranked as high as they could go. Then one day upon booting up my machine, I noticed some of the blacks on my desktop wallpaper were looking a bit washed out but thought nothing of it. Booted up Re: Village and noticed that literally all of the colors looked washed out most notably the dukes shop menu and the reds on the maps and could only fix this by turning hdr off which caused me to lose some depth. So took my journey over to YouTube and noticed the blacks here h
  3. So im actually really dumb and had put the dimms on the left side in the wrong slots lol first build on the sTRX4 platform
  4. I'm running a rtx 3090 and a threadripper 3970x on an aorus pro trx40 mobo, I have a total of 128gb of corsair vengeance pro 3200mhz ram 4x32 dimms. The BIOS is only recognizing 64gb and its the 2 dimms to the right of the cpu thay seem to not be recognized namely c2 and d2. I'm just curious what all of my available options are here