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  1. i know but the problem is that the ones that are similar and designed for it are low quality and the ipad always falls out and they dont have a trackpad. also im trying to make a meme out of it.
  2. I have an iPad 5 and im looking at a really nice case with a good deal and it has a trackpad and everything but the size is meant for ipad 7 and 8 so i was wondering is there any sort of bracket or size adaptor or something that can increase the frame size to 10.2 inches?
  3. I have a gtx 1650 super, a ryzen 5 3600 a b550m aorus elite and then i need to count power for storage cooling and other stuff. what would you recommend?
  4. Thanks, but do you have any idea of some good ones
  5. Im also going to use this for school and stuff so maybe one that will last a few hours?
  6. Im currently trying to build a battery powered portable pc but i know ill need the cables from the psu to power the components so im thinking of using the psu like a power hub. The thing im having trouble with is finding a good battery, charger for it and a way of plugging the battery into the psu which i was thinking of getting a mini power strip and plugging the psu into that. I need about 400 watts all up. any ideas?