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  1. Hello all. I'm sure this has been asked already, but I'm looking into upgrading my m.2 to a bigger size. The current x3 (200 usd) are rated on average of 3500 read and 3000 write. The x4 (400 usd) are on average are 7000 read and 6000 write. Now obviously that's a big number. But I'm just gaming on these drives. Do I really need that massive speed difference? I currently have a adata at 3500 read and 3000 write. Ryzen 5800x Rtx 3070 gigabyte 32gb of ram Gigabyte aorus x570 master
  2. i was wanting to do the M.2 cause they are massively faster then a conventional SSD or or HDD. but your looking at about 100$ per terabyte for SSD and m.2. where as seagate barracuda 8tb HDD is 150$. while only 5400rpm and about 190 read, that should be sufficient for most games. I was just hoping to take as much advantage of the m.2 as possible.
  3. Hello, so i have a ryzen build for my desktop. I want to grab some extra HDD space and mechanicals are too slow, and SSD cost the same as a m.2 with a fraction of the performance (in theory). my board currently has 3 m.2 slots on it, but i want to get a rizer for my spare Pcie x16 slot thats able to hold 4 more m.2 slots. ( i understand that they likely wont live up to their true speed but there still faster then a SSD). they will not be ran in raid, i just want them for storing games and programs. Is anyone able to recommend a good unit for me? or am i missing some ething and this wont wor