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  1. I'm downsizing from a ATX case to an NR200, and my current (work in progress) plan is swap to a C14S so that i can mount my 3.5inch HDD on the side. But since i'm working with a 5900x, i wonder how much worse it's gonna be since my old Arctic LF2 280 seems to be just sufficient. I think it should be okay to handle the stock 142w TDP, but what about the noise, and how much OC headroom can i expect? (And yes i know, Machines & More on youtube made a lot of content on NR200 including this, but in his video he was using a 3700x for testing, clearly not comparable with a 5900x)
  2. A few days ago i posted my initial build planning here and got some really good advice. But soon i realized that there is a severe space limitation problem in my new place, so i have no choice but to change my plan to a NR200 build. In most of the situations NR200 build are usually air cooled or CPU AIO only, but i am still considering a custom loop since 3080 FTW3 is pretty difficult to cool with its original cooler. Currently I have two plans for this build, but even with the safer one i'm not even sure whether this is possible or not. If anyone have some advice or similar experien
  3. Due to space limitation i must gave up this concept at this point, i have to move to a mini-ITX platform. But still, thank everyone for your advice and idea.
  4. Wouldn't one extra radiator make draining the loop more difficult? I assume that If i add another 280mm in the front, the lowest point of that radiator would surely be below than the drain valve of the loop.
  5. I'm planning to move a few weeks later and since I had to tear the system down and rebuild it anyway (had to sell all the bulky parts) and the system was already fully watercooled before (dual AIO), i decided to try custom cooling this time. I have never done this before, so I would love to hear some advice about my plan and question. (It's currently just a parts list, the actual build is at least a month away) Current plan: Focus on budget and quietness, extreme performance is not a priority CPU block: EK Classic Block for AM4 (chosen for the look and the price) for 5900X (ma
  6. Originally my 4650g in my 2nd rig was set to 1.1V SOC, 1.4V memory and stable at 2066MHz FCLK and DDR4-4133 C18-22-22-42. (unstable beyond that at 1.1V SOC) Last night i tried to improve upon this and set the SOC voltage to 1.15V and FCLK is stable at 2133MHz. But when i tried 1.2V SOC today it doesn't seem to scale beyond that. 2166mhz is unstable and 2200mhz won't even boot. Increasing DRAM voltage doesn't work, and loosing timing also doesn't work so i assume that's a FCLK bottleneck. In other words, 0.05V increase on SOC voltage lead to no improvement on FCLK at all. Do i hit a
  7. Title says it all. For some details, with the dust cover my GPU (cooled by 240 AIO) temp reaches around 68c and removing it results in a 7-8c temp reduction. Should I just get rid of it?
  8. And that turns out to be the solution. Thanks for everyone responding to this issue. Guess I have to buy some real sleeved cable next time.
  9. I will try but I wonder what't the reason? It works perfectly for at least a year and seems just fine. Degradation over time?
  10. 1. I use extensions for GPU and 24pin, but not EPS 8Pin. 2. I am pretty sure that the 2nd random shutdown (happened while playing PC building simulator) happened on 100% PL.
  11. Maximum 450W (113%) but that's not the problem, the total load is. Both AIDA and Furmark runs fine individually, but the moment I try to run these two together, it's gone. I can't even check the load temp as the PC immediately shutdown after I clicked the button.
  12. Okay it is a PSU wattage problem. AIDA FPU+Furmark immediately shutdown the system.
  13. So after this post I assumed the PSU was still running and tried to shut down the PSU, and accidentally turned on the system, which indicated the PSU did shutdown itself. I think it was abrupt enough so that mobo have no time to turn off these LEDs.
  14. I had quite a number of PC problems in the past but this is a weird one. In this summer my PC just sometimes randomly turn itself off while gaming, and i can't isolate what's wrong with the system. So the first thing I do is reduced my overclock to a stable state (not stock, but stable enough for something like Aida64), and yet it happened again. There is no OC on GPU and also the mem is running on XMP. And I feel that this is not an OC issue, which usually result in a blue screen or a freeze, in this case the 12V rail just instantly shut off. (CPU, GPU, and all the 12V led strip are
  15. I mean i bought my 3080 for around ~$850 but finding one at that price, even now, should be pretty difficult. If you are willing to go AMD it's much easier to find something like a 6800XT as for example, my local store has one for ~$1100.