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  1. So.. windows 11.. yeah that rumor that actually turned out to be true...

  2. Well, the rumors are true. A Windows 11 build based on Windows 10x was leaked today and it features new UI and new taskbar with a revamp in the OOBE and rounded corners. This pretty much confirms Windows 10 will loose support in 2025.
  3. Just tried sharing it and it said "No Internet" with the picture of the pc with an error over it on the taskbar. I ran the troubleshooter and this is what popped up:
  4. I agree with mr fobs, when I first read this I thought it was the battery, if you have swapped the thing twice, you probably need a new battery. Be careful where you get one though.
  5. I've been having wifi driver issues while running Windows 7 on one of my laptops so I found online you can use a Ethernet cable between laptops to basically share the connection. So, I tried it and have gotten a Unidentified Network error. Any help would be appreciated. OS: Windows 10 Pro / Windows 7 Ultimate Dualboot, error occurring on Windows 7. Toshiba Satellite P75-A7100
  6. Alright, if it wasn't one thing to make me mad its another... so here I am again. I have recently dual booted Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 10 Pro on separate drives and everything has gone good, I installed display drivers - work perfect. HOWEVER. Wireless drivers.. I have NEVER dealt with more issues in a computer than my toshiba. I know the wireless works in the laptop because the whole thing used to run Windows 7 up until not even 5 months ago so I KNOW it works. So, I thought "Oh, I'll just install it off the Toshiba (dynabook) website on another computer, transfer th
  7. Eh security patches aren't a big deal if your safe and if microsoft pulls a Windows XP, they will patch it of there's a bad wanna cry or whatever issue. A ton of people still use windows 7 as it's reliable and most things are patched out anyway so I don't see a problem.
  8. Because of how popular the Xbox 360 S, and Regular 360 were it makes it hard and confusing for me to find the right drive to play some old Xbox games I had from when I had an Xbox (dont have it anymore because it broke). So, I've been looking for Microsoft Official drives (which are the only ones according to Microsoft that will allow me to play the games) however its just a bit too confusing to find the right one that would be compatible and I thought I would ask here.. I have the Xbox 360 E. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Honestly, I would like another version of Windows, but I have my a ton of doubts on if there will be another version. 1) Microsoft has said in the past that there would not be another version of windows. 2) Microsoft wants to focus on getting all systems, Xbox, Windows, all on the same OS so its much simpler. Do I think there will be another version (Windows 11)? Eventually I think Microsoft will (despite what they say now), I don't think we will have Windows 10 20 years down the line, it's just unlikely. When though, probably not for a long time. Who knows, M
  10. Honestly using it from like 2014-2015 and now using it in 2021 on a secondary laptop, it isn't really that bad. I personally liked the UI, unlike a TON of people. The animations are great and live tiles made it feel alive - at least to me. While some minor tweaking can fix the start menu if you didn't like it, I kept it. Performance wise, comparing it to windows 10, its a bit better, it depends on what you run it on. Tablets, touchscreens like the post above me said, completely fine. Desktops, it comes down to personal opinion. My opinion: Windows 8.1 is a way to escape Cortana
  11. Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. I may do this in the future but for now I plan to leave it on a HDD as I'm okay with the performance. I probably will move it to 10 when the next version (Sun Valley comes out).
  12. LIGISTX: Could have been the reason why it wasn't running good. SupaKomputa: I'm aware the laptop had Windows 10 and that it was out when it came out. The whole reason I downgraded was because of performance issues, the fact it wouldn't be fast no matter what OS I ran on the drive, I tried a live USB of linux mint and it ran decent with that, way faster than Windows. I also didn't want to pay for a new SSD at that time (and at least for now) so my best action was to put a different hard drive I had laying around and install 8 on it. I could have probably installed 10 on it but I just
  13. Alright, I'll consider getting one.
  14. HP Notebook - 15-bs158cl 465 GB HDD. 12 GB RAM. Intel i5 8th Generation Processor. I'm really unsure of what is causing it to be slow, I believe it could have been the hard drive HP included with the laptop or there were viruses on it (I have changed the HDD from the original recently) . Although I checked plenty of times over to see and none were detected..?
  15. Simpsons Hit & Run (2003) definitely a classic.
  16. Yeah, I just don't know, I would upgrade it but previously it didn't preform well and was slow and laggy so I'm just unsure if I want to do a hard drive wipe again to upgrade because its unactivated and then I may have to deal with slow performance again.
  17. It has been overall slow doing anything, booting up takes 10 minutes opening up browsers takes a ridiculous amount of time, while 8.1 takes 10 seconds to boot, and less than 2 seconds to open a application. I have 12 GB ram on the laptop, and like I stated, a 8th gen i5. I did just swap the hard drive out to install 8.1. I honestly haven't run into many issues with 10, infact my main laptop/using it as a desktop wannabe setup is running Windows 10 Pro at the moment. I did run into issues installing 10 on a family members PC, but other than that no issues from 10 besides this issue.
  18. So I recently downgraded my PC down to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 due to recent performance issues and I have gotten a message from Windows Update: Unsupported hardware Your PC uses a processor that is designed for the latest version of Windows. Because the processor is not supported together with the Windows version you are currently using, your system will miss important security updates. I noticed this also while trying to find Intel drivers for graphics. I use the device as a secondary PC, should I bite the bullet and try 10 again? Or should I be able to stay o
  19. Hi, I just installed Windows 8.1 on a laptop I wanted to let my family member use and I installed Windows then I realized the Wifi Drivers weren't installed, so, I did so. Then I ran into the issue I'm bringing today. It says "No Battery Detected". I brought this to a repair shop less than a month ago about another issue and nothing was said about it and I had Linux Mint previously less than 2 weeks ago and it detected a battery and showed percentage. I think the batteries fine as the laptop isn't even that OLD. (2018ish). Is there just a driver I'm missing or did I screw something up or is
  20. Linux worked completely fine on the drive and the laptop I was plugging it into had like 12 gb of ram and a i5 processor.
  21. I can try WinToUSB, originally I tried WinToUSB for something else but other videos I watched said to use Rufus alternatively as it was more "reliable".
  22. Hi, So I made a Windows To Go USB using Rufus (basically the unofficial way of doing windows to go) and it's taking a long time to boot. (An hour now.) I'm using a SanDisk USB. Is this normal? I tested the USB on a VM and it took a long time aswell and never booted. I may just be impatient and my guess to why it's taking so long is because flash drives have slow read and write speeds. Some confirmation or information would be appreciated! Thanks!
  23. Hi, I have two hard drives in my system, one is my original hard drive in my laptop and the other is from my old laptop. I rebooted my system lately and it wanted to disk check my system. (E: which is my secondary from my old laptop) should I be concerned or is this normal?