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  1. I can try WinToUSB, originally I tried WinToUSB for something else but other videos I watched said to use Rufus alternatively as it was more "reliable".
  2. Hi, So I made a Windows To Go USB using Rufus (basically the unofficial way of doing windows to go) and it's taking a long time to boot. (An hour now.) I'm using a SanDisk USB. Is this normal? I tested the USB on a VM and it took a long time aswell and never booted. I may just be impatient and my guess to why it's taking so long is because flash drives have slow read and write speeds. Some confirmation or information would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have two hard drives in my system, one is my original hard drive in my laptop and the other is from my old laptop. I rebooted my system lately and it wanted to disk check my system. (E: which is my secondary from my old laptop) should I be concerned or is this normal?
  4. Yeah it was my fault, although its still weird that windows showed 5% when hovering over the icon and when I clicked it, it showed 3%.
  5. I usually unplug it when I stop using it to save energy and stuff so its not constantly at 100% but ill watch it.
  6. Okay, I've solved this myself.. and the solution was interesting. The cord got caught ON my desk and when I unplugged and fixed it, it showed the battery icon with a red icon with a X. I fixed the charger and plugged it in and it works and appears to be charging. So I guess my fault and Windows not displaying it correctly at the same time?
  7. This article shows how to remove Linux and install windows. How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer (microsoft.com)
  8. Try this: I don't know if it works but its worth a shot. Error code 0xc0000017 Windows 10 - Microsoft Community
  9. Yeah... Linux can mess with your Windows partition, as well as corrupt it, as can Windows corrupt your Linux installation. I'm not a expert on this, but I was told if you want to switch back, you have to mess with the partitions to get it back to normal. I'd start fresh, try retrieving your files off of it and put it on a separate drive or device and do a clean install with fixing the partitions. Linux can screw over a computer if your not careful. I'd use VM's for Linux testing in the future. I could be wrong on it and some may have a solution but this is what I was told. Even if you fix the
  10. Hi, I use my laptop as sort of a desktop now (I have it plugged in constantly, as I basically turned it into a 'desktop' and yes I know it sounds stupid but that's not the point.) I was worried about my battery as I looked on my taskbar and saw my battery was low despite it always being at 100% most of the time I'm using it, as once again, I use it as more of a desktop than a laptop and I leave it plugged in. Initially I looked at the Battery Report (generated by command prompt) but I think its suspicious and I thought I'd ask. (TOSHIBA P750-A) I did recently get repairs
  11. Update to this: I decided I'd take it in and trust them despite me being really skeptical. The person I talked to was really nice and helped me out. They were able to fix the power jack today and I'm picking it up soon. They were also able to tell me what was wrong with one of my other laptops I took in aswell. I have to pay about 54$ for the fix and honestly it's way lower than the 100$ I thought I was going to have to pay.
  12. Hi so update: I took it to Ubreakifix and they ended up telling me they couldn't replicate what happened. They told me it could be a cooling problem. (Which is understandable. I can get a laptop stand or something to help it cool better.) I ended up taking on of my other laptops in aswell as it had a power jack issue and they were able to fix it with hot glue and got it to charge.
  13. Yes, XP isn't safe in general (unless you're the US Government which pays microsoft millions to support their systems.)
  14. Thank you, I only plan on web browsing and watching videos for now as that is what I started to do after I figured out it was bent.