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  1. I want to know what sort of CPU usage you're getting so I can know how many cores it's using.
  2. Well we're talking about games that require skill like CS or BF.
  3. That's WAYY too high, any professional player will use either 400 450 or 800dpi.
  4. I'll give it a whirl, I liked the original deathadder other than the shiny sides and they fixed that on the 2013 so I guess It's the best option.
  5. I don't use laser mice, the m60 has hardware level acceleration that you can't get rid of.
  6. I really need to find a replacement mouse for when my IME3.0 dies but I'm having trouble finding the right one. I have tried the G400s the deathadder and the Ikari Optical but they just didn't feel right like they weren't as accurate. Any former IME3.0 users have some good recommendations? Or should I just stockpile a lot of IME3.0's so that I never run out?
  7. My current headphones (superlux hd668b) are really uncomfortable with my glasses on. I can go over budget if it will make a big difference in quality or comfort. Any good alternatives?
  8. I've liked the SP for a long time but it's getting worn out and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately you can't get the SP anymore, what is the difference between the old SP and the new 9HD.
  9. It's more than enough for your PC.
  10. Then why would it work just fine for 5 minutes and then crash?. I really doubt that has anything to do with bandwidth.