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  1. I actually bought it for a client of mine (I build PCs on the side) He is the kind of guy that runs the same pc for 10 years and never changes nothing, so i wanted something with good, solid, stable drivers for cad (He does not play games), And the driver support cycle is usually better. I also put ECC Ram for better stability i hope it lasts a looooooooooong time. I pride myself in making PCs that last and perform good for a long time, so far so good, All the PC that i built in the last 10 years are still stable and running.
  2. Lol guys, Im a morron XD It was not plugged into the PSU Correctly. I was so focused on blaming HP to have put some sort of lock on the card that i did not think to blame myself. Everyone makes mistakes especially me XD. Oww well, I will contribute a few posts here to pay back for the wonderfull help you guys give me. Thanks so much, This place is better than the support at the MSP i work for lol.
  3. I actually just took out a GTX 1060 From an old PC put it it the new PC i get the Error, Wierd, it works with the older card but not this one. And took the Radeon Pro card and put it in the system that had the 1060 and it works! It might be an issue with the mobo compatibility im checking right to put it in gen 3, I will also double check the PSU Connexion, The older card does not require power from the PSU but the two cards with the Error does. I will let you know how it goes! Hopefully i can contribute with my issue Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone! I recently built a new system for CAD with a HP Radeon Pro WX7100 (Nothing else was in stock). When i put the HP Radeon Pro WX7100 in the system it does not boot. i get the AMI Bios Beep code GPU Error 1 long 2 short, It works fine with another cheap card i have. Is it HP Blocking me from using this GPU on any other systems than an HP System? It did have a big warning WARRANTY VOID IF USED IN NON HP SYSTEM. Is there a workaround? The shortage is so bad it will take months to find something else. PS : I have a gigabyte aorus elite along with a
  5. Wow man so quick guys Thanks so much.You guys are Awesome! I should have know this but i'm ''New'' to the ECC side of the Equation, i've seldom built PC'S with it. i'm going to ask for a replacement for unbuffered DIMMS Hopefully it don't have to post for my GPU later on GTG to work now, i will keep you posted of what i get and if it works, Hopefully we can all learn from my small mistake.
  6. Hi guys! I'm new to the forum but I've been building PC for about ten years now. I decided to build a new PC with ECC ram since the MOBO and CPU supports it and i saw other ppl doing it ont the forum And since its a CAD pc i told myself that ECC is the way to go right? i've had RAM issues in the past and it's PITA. Issue is, It's not booting with the RAM i got :(, - I tested with regular ECC and it boots - Got a Piezo speaker and tried to hear a code, It does not even post with the RAM - Tried to boot with one stick Regular and one Stick ECC, Nope I