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  1. The problem with the signal strength seems to originate from the TV experiencing connection issues. I've tried a few laptops I've got laying around and the connection is just fine, so it's probably the TV antenna that isn't as good. I tried the Wireless Repeating option on the Netgear, but I got it to work when the two routers are linked up via ethernet. I think I am missing something on the MikroTik side to make them communicate wirelessly. I was able to keep the wireless security turned on when using the Wireless Repeating, even got it to inherit the security configur
  2. I'm trying to avoid running a cable between the two
  3. Hello folks, Recently changed out my router, I used to use a Netgear WNR1000 v3, which seemed to die every time I connect 2-3 devices over wifi. I switched to using a MikroTik hAP ac2, seems to have taken care of the issue. However, my living room TV is a bit far away from the router and is not getting good signal. I could go ahead and fix that by running a cable, but I was thinking there could be a more elegant solution. So since I have the Netgear, I decided to try connecting it as a repeater to the MikroTik. Problem is, my knowledge on the subject is pretty much