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  1. once again, thank you kind sir. okkayyy.... this is a totally different case tho but...... looks like if i upgrade my desktop, by changing the motherboard and CPU, it has more risk than changing the drive...... I got to careful about that......
  2. I think this is still possible if you pluged the cable to the HDMI ports on the motherboard. I might be wrong about that tho. But AFAIK, on some computer through the driver software you can chose which hardware you will use for renderring (GPU or iGPU). I only met them on laptops tho. Other thing that i know is possible, is CPU bottleneck. which means, your CPU is way slower than the GPU, it will make the CPU load is high, while the GPU load is low. But still, in your case it shouldn't be a problem since your ryzen 7 is good. How about your CPU load percentage?
  3. Thanks for the answer. If i were to use an external enclosure for the new SSD or a laptop drive caddy and clone the (let's say) C Drive to the new SSD. will a problem happen? like maybe the OS detect 2 windows serial number or something. Pardon me for stupid question, I'm really in the dark when regarding widnows/OS.
  4. Hello gents, I have an old laptop with 500 gb hdd. I am planing to replace it to the new ssd. do i need to buy new windows 10? or i just need to move the OS from the hdd to the ssd? how to do that? Thanks in advance.
  5. thanks for the reply, my old system that i was planing to throw away is h310cm Mobo paired with intel pentium g4520. The Mobo have 1 pcie 1x and 1 PCIE 16. from what you say, i conclude that if i still use 1 graphic card, that mobo is enough, but if i gonna add another or multiple graphic card, i will have to buy another mobo with more pcie slots. Is that correct? If is, it's a good insight since i can start small with old parts and upgrading while on the process.... Noted. Not gonna skimp on PSU. Will 750W gold PSU adequate?
  6. This is a good news, I can use my unused Pentium g5420 then. Just gonna change the motherboard to the one that supports SLI/AMD Crossfire then.
  7. How about the motherboard and storage, do they have a role in mining?
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm not worrying to much since i don't plan to quit my day job at all, i just wanna do my hobby to build a PC and try to have a passive income other than share investment. I don't live in US so $150 per month is okay for me, since the electricity bill is cheap here. Advice taken, leave the Nvidia, aim for AMD 6000 series. and after a quick reading in nicehash web, i change my mind about profit plan, for one GPU card i can settle for about $100 profit per month and $200 for 2 cards. I might start with one card first then buy another card later. btw, 6 month to pay my c
  9. This new PC is going to be pure mining. when not in use i plan to not connecting it to monitor to save electricity. It just still for light mining tho.
  10. For tidying up my question, my question more less are: What kind of Motherboard is required for mining? Is a decent B450/B550 enough? What kind of RAM do i need? What kind of storage setup i need for mining? Is 750W on Gold Certified PSU enough for Ryzen 3600 and 2 RTX 3060? Do i need to overclock the CPU or GPU? (additional)
  11. Hello guys, please help me choose my mining PC Parts. As a starter, I'm just regular person who try to make my side income from mining in NiceHash. Last year i just build my first entry level PC and now i'm thinking to build another PC for mining. while my Current PC is for entertainment the new PC I'm Gonna build is for investing. So, i have a decent basic knowledge for building an entry level PC but i barely know a thing for mining PC. I do not plan anything big for now, just a beginner mining PC with budget around US $1500 equivalent. For now, $150-250 profit per month would be a good
  12. Addiciton for question number 1, If somehow your Mobo don't have enough Cha Fan Connector you can always buy a Fan Splitter/ Fan Hub.
  13. Hey guys, Thanks for the replies. I guess there would be no problem with H310M & 9400f then. Then, i guess i'm gonna buy 9400f plus monitor hehehe. For ram, I always planing to add more ram and buy a better cpu cooler anyway. Tbh, the multithread from 10400F and the BFB feature in in Asrock did temp me. But, since my build not gonna stop here, i think i'm gonna save pennies for now. If you guys have other opinions, feel free to share it here....
  14. Budget (including currency): Right now my max Budget is about 4 Million Rupiah, or about equals to $300 USD. Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Non Gaming: Heavy Excel data (I'm a tax accountant), Opening more than 12 heavy PDF files, Chrome with 15+ tabs. Gaming: Squad, AC Odyssey, Monster Hunter Online, GTA V, Insurgents, Conan Exile, Fallout 4, the outer world, Cyberpunk 2077 (maybe?). Background and current build: hello guys, this is my first post here. Last year i just build my first ever entery/budget level PC. In few months i