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  1. What specs of the ac is relevant? In the back it says its 8400BTU/H, I don't know what else to say about it. Searching the model number doesn't give results unfortunately. But its a Kenmore 8400 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  2. Is it safe to run a portalble air conditioning unit (115V 9A) and a gaming pc on the same circuit breaker, 15A max, 120V outlets. System specs: EVGA RTX 2070 Super Black, undervolted to 0.9V, 190W sustained and 213.4W spike board power draw while running Unigine Heaven(Extreme preset, changed to 1080p) according to GPU-Z AMD Ryzen 5 3600, undervolted to 1.25V 3.9/3.85GHz, I'm fine with trying to underclock to 1.1V, if needed MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max EVGA 700BR 80+ Bronze Power Supply 4 120mm fans, 1 140mm fan, and a Wraith Stealth cooler 2 2