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  1. Ryzen 5000 series is currently only for OEMs. You can only get them on pre-builds. Nvidia recommends a 600 watt PSU so 650 definitely passes that but I would suggest getting a 750 watt PSU based on your budget. EDIT - AMD has said its 5000 cpus are coming to the end consumers at the end of this year or maybe even later due to global shortage.
  2. I recently uninstalled Avira Antivirus, restarted my laptop and then windows security notified me that Windows Defender and Avira are disabled. I went to Windows security to enable Windows defender but Windows threat a nd security tab was missing. I googled to find a solution for this. Everyone mentioned to change the group policy under administrative templates so I headed over there. And I couldn't find that too . I don't know if I have changed any policies. The laptop I use my own and does not belong to any organization or school. Do respo
  3. Yes !! but the college on their terms & conditions stated that its mandatory to get a laptop at our own cost. And I would be using that as my daily driver so I want it to be light. I don't care about gaming TBH I could get away with integrated graphics. But I think the 2 in 1 form factor would suit me to my daily needs. I will also need to draw much as its biology am talking about ( diagrams and stuff ) so a laptop with touch screen and stylus support would be the best for my needs
  4. Ebay is not available in INDIA . I need to ship them from USA for which shipping charges costs 100 bucks and I would be studying in Hostel so getting a desktop is near to impossible
  5. Gaming Laptops don't have good battery backup and I would be having classes for like 7-9 hours a day so anyways I value your response mate
  6. Refurbished and Renewed laptops don't work here in India like other countries. My friends have had nightmares buying such used laptops and one guy was scammed. He lost 25k INR (300 USD).so I am not looking to buy a used one anytime soon
  7. Thats a very old model !!!! The renewed ones available on amazon india uses a i5 6th gen CPU and LENOVOs usually heat much. Its bulkier too !!
  8. Hi ! I am from India and I need to buy a laptop for my college. I will use my laptop to take notes, complete my assignments, and very casual gaming. I also have stay under $1100 which is around 80k INR Linus didn't do a video on student laptops for 2020 and also this year, which made me end up here. I finally came with a decision to get the surface go but not sure if I should buy it. I need my laptop to last long ( at least 8 hours ) and I prefer it to look minimal. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B08SX5XVBK/ref=ewc_pr_img_1?smid=A14CZOWI0VEHLG&psc=1 I am al