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  1. Turns out it was my Casing's power switch !!!
  2. Coincidentally I do happen to be an undergrad electrical engineer. Haha. Thanks for the help man.
  3. Yeah that could be possibility as it's one of the oldest components in my setup. Is there some way I can test it ? From BIOS or any software?
  4. My GPU temps are usually around 60 degs when this happens. So I don't think temp is the issue in this case.
  5. I have a MSI RTX 3080 Gaming Trio for about 2 months or more. My PC recently started to randomly restart. It feels like the power suddenly cuts out, everything from the monitors go black instantly and after 1second the CPU restarts on its own. I am certain that it doesn't depend on load because it doesn't restart if I stress but it sometimes restarts when I am just browsing the web. Sometimes when I start my PC in the morning it won't start immediatly it fails to start a couple of times. I have to switch off the main power outlet and turn it on again to make my PC start. The restart generally