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  1. I'd like some ideas on what to do for the power supply. If stock ever gets back to normal, I'd have a pc with a 5900x and 3080 with an ATX board. I'm looking for some suggestions on which PSU to get, or whether or not it's worth trying to make a 3080 work with this case. According to pc part picker, there isn't a lot of options available in SFX. The 2 I was looking at are the Corsair SF and the Cooler Master V SFX Gold, which sit at 750W and 850W respectively. Are either of these 2 PSU's going to sufficient for a build like this or should I try to find something of a higher capacit
  2. A lot of things people tend to overlook are the VPN's themselves. There's literally nothing stopping a VPN from sharing your data independently, and this 100% happens. Most VPN's contain fine print about the collection of your data as well as the distribution of said data. If a VPN claims to not collect your data, you need to make sure that it's not limited to you having an active subscription to the service. For example, if you sign up for a VPN and decide you don't like the service and move to another, there could be a clause in the terms of use that makes all data you transmitted while you
  3. That was more what I was looking for, thank you.
  4. I'm aware of what the warning means, I'm looking for a confirmation on what I don't know already, such as which slot is slot #3, which I already assumed is the bottom slot, and then which SATA ports get disabled when I do populate the 3rd M.2 slot.
  5. This is my 2nd build, so I'm not super knowledgeable about specific things like this. I'm going to be using a Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master board and two M.2 drives, one smaller one for the OS, and one larger one for my important games. I have a few higher capacity 2.5" drives for all of my other storage needs already. My issue is when plotting everything into PC Part Picker. I'm left with the warning on the bottom that says this: Note: The motherboard M.2 slot #3 shares bandwidth with SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports. When the M.2 slot is populated with a PCIe-based M.2 drive, two SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports ar
  6. Was/is this card a limited time run, or will it get more stock eventually? I have a build planned that's white/silver and this card is literal perfection in terms of fitting the color scheme. I've seen some people say and the marketing makes it seem like this card is limited in the sense that they only made so many, and I was just wondering if this is the case or not. I have some other options like the Gigabyte Vision series, which is silver/white so I'm not completely out of luck if I happened to miss this card.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it.
  8. I have a pretty old board (relatively speaking). I have a new build planned, but wanted to slowly upgrade into it as money is available, but I don't want to go ham and have no safety net. I currently have an Asus Z170-A board, and when looking it up the memory speed caps at 3200. My new build I've planned to use Corsair's Vengeance RGB Pro's, 3600 CL-18. My question is, can I still use the new memory in the old board for now, manually setting the speed to match the capacity? Or does this cause any other problems that I should probably avoid? PS. New build is an AMD build, whil